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[04:10pm] <fkr> [22:09:55] fkr@desperate ~ $ uname -a
[04:10pm] <fkr> FreeBSD desperate.hazardous.org 4.3-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE #0: Sat Apr 21 10:54:49 GMT 2001 jkh@narf.osd.bsdi.com:/usr/src/sys/compile/GENERIC i386
[04:10pm] <fkr> new computer.
[04:10pm] <fkr> not "new" but new to me :)
[04:10pm] <tvon> ah, cool
[04:10pm] <fkr> got the hardware from my dad.
[04:11pm] <tvon> what is it?
[04:12pm] <fkr> hehe...hold on:
[04:12pm] <fkr> well...dmesg os too long :)
[04:12pm] <fkr> celeron 433
[04:12pm] <tvon> ah
[04:12pm] <fkr> with 384 mb ram
[04:12pm] <tvon> ah, nice
[04:12pm] <tvon> I need ram....dammit...while its still cheap
[04:13pm] <tvon> wont be happty till I have 512
[04:13pm] <fkr> just a small hard-drive (all other stuff via NFS from my server), sound-blaster live, adaptec scsi etc. etc.
[04:13pm] <tvon> well, I wont be totally satisfied untill I have a gig...but Ill settle for 512
[04:13pm] <tvon> cool
[04:13pm] <tvon> a friend of mine has my K6/3-350.....
[04:13pm] <tvon> tis the one Im putting BSD on when I get it back
[04:14pm] <fkr> hehe....that's the tom I like :)
[04:15pm] <tvon> heh
[04:15pm] <tvon> ugh, I have so much crap to do that I dont want to do...
[04:15pm] <tvon> I gotta get a old p-66 up and running as the firewall....what a pain
[04:15pm] <tvon> if you hadnt noticed, etria.org dosent point to my computer anymore.....
[04:15pm] <fkr> no, i didn't yet....
[04:16pm] <fkr> what happended to brion?
[04:16pm] <tvon> no reason you should :-)
[04:16pm] <tvon> mmm...dunno
[04:16pm] <tvon> he has been busy lately
[04:16pm] <tvon> his gf is insane for one...
[04:17pm] <tvon> and he took a job waiting tables about 50 miles from here...so he is never home
[04:17pm] <tvon> he said his inbox has like 1,000 mails in it that he hasnt read yet
-:- hro [1;30m[[0;36mhro@thinktank.mediafarm.ch[1;30m] has joined #smdp
[04:18pm] <tvon> hro, hey
[04:18pm] <fkr> ah, ahoi holger,
[04:18pm] <hro> hi
[04:18pm] <tvon> how goes it?
[04:18pm] <hro> was looking at irc.openprojects.org
[04:18pm] <fkr> damn it...forgot the shirts.
[04:19pm] <fkr> *argh* I knew I forgot something....
[04:19pm] <hro> here you are
[04:19pm] <tvon> see! its nto that easy :-)
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, hehe.
[04:19pm] <tvon> :-)
[04:19pm] <fkr> anyhow....back to tech. business. talked to mawi about ms-sql.
[04:19pm] <tvon> ah, cool
[04:20pm] <hro> felix, is everything in order with the german smdp website?
[04:20pm] <fkr> I'll put some more work in the --convert-mode tonight...the ms-sql-scripts are not good enough yet.
[04:20pm] <tvon> cool
[04:20pm] <fkr> hro, nop....tvon changed the encontent-developer.php
[04:20pm] <tvon> yeah, just added a few lines and stuff....
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, I talked to hro (Holger) about him taking care of the german-translation.
[04:20pm] <tvon> ah, cool
[04:20pm] <hro> it seem's that the documentation link doesn't work?
[04:21pm] <tvon> mmm...which one?
[04:21pm] <fkr> ack. my fault.
[04:21pm] <fkr> german one. didn't sync yet.
[04:21pm] <tvon> on the docs page or on the side....ah, ok
[04:21pm] <hro> is there already a german documentation?
[04:21pm] <tvon> no
[04:21pm] <fkr> nope.
[04:21pm] <tvon> prob shouldnt start it...current docs could get totally rewritten...
[04:21pm] <tvon> wait a few weeks I think
[04:22pm] <fkr> hro, did you already sign up for a sourceforge-account?
[04:22pm] <hro> ok, i expected that
[04:22pm] <hro> hm, well, no
[04:23pm] <fkr> go get one. it's free :)
[04:23pm] <tvon> holger, what lagnuages are your specialty? (programming)
[04:23pm] <fkr> http://sourceforge.net/account/register.php
[04:23pm] <tvon> fkr, do you have the SF perms to add people to developer status and whatnot?
[04:23pm] <hro> well, i learned c, c++
[04:23pm] <tvon> hro, cool...just curious
[04:24pm] <hro> at the moment java
[04:24pm] <tvon> nod
[04:24pm] <tvon> felix, you said you have a perl script to insert stuff into a db right?
[04:24pm] <tvon> mysql?
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, i should....
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, yeah...that's the indexer from my (old) mysql-mp3-project
[04:25pm] <tvon> how soon do you think you can modify it?
[04:25pm] <tvon> I tried writing a C program.....it freaks out on some tags.....
[04:25pm] <fkr> http://www.hazardous.org/fkr/mysql-mp3-tool/
[04:25pm] <tvon> and having a db to play with would make documentation and api wirting easier
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, probably early next week.....
[04:25pm] <tvon> aight.
[04:25pm] <tvon> I might pick at it soon...
[04:25pm] <tvon> dont know much Perl, but I can hack it a bit
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, goota do some other jobs (which get some money into my pocket) first,
[04:25pm] <tvon> understood
[04:26pm]*tvon blows the dust out of his wallet
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, yeah....feel free to go on it. be warned. it's old and crappy.
[04:26pm] <tvon> understood
[04:26pm] <tvon> :-)
[04:26pm] <fkr> understood.
[04:26pm] <fkr> did I mention, that I have a new freebsd-box? *happy*
[04:26pm] <fkr> hehe
[04:27pm] <tvon> freebsd? I though you were with the openbsd crowd?
[04:27pm] <fkr> well....I wanted to give freebsd a shot too....
[04:27pm] <tvon> oh, on the schema....
[04:27pm] <fkr> yes.
[04:27pm] <tvon> comments on binary tags?
[04:27pm] <tvon> or more to the point...
[04:28pm] <tvon> currently, the VALUE in the _feature tables is of type VARCHAR
[04:28pm] <tvon> that will work at times...but not always
[04:28pm] <fkr> I liked your proposol, of just looking it up in the file on the medium.
[04:28pm] <tvon> any info on how common the BLOB type is?
[04:28pm] <fkr> never dealt with blob :(
[04:28pm] <tvon> that idea will work (looking in the file), but I like what....whats his name....said aobut having diffrent levels of storage
[04:29pm] <tvon> where one setting could just hold a pointer to the location in the file, and other setting could hold the binary data itself...
[04:29pm] <fkr> mmhm.
[04:29pm] <tvon> BLOB is SQL99 standard...but that dont mean its everywhre
[04:30pm] <fkr> ack.
[04:30pm] <fkr> actually most implementations obey sql92 at max (iirc(
[04:30pm] <tvon> ah, wait...
[04:30pm] <tvon> blob in mysql = longblob
[04:31pm] <tvon> "stores BLOB or TEXT data up to 4294967295 characters in length"
[04:31pm] <tvon> according to "SQL in a Nutshell"
[04:31pm] <fkr> ack. that's what they write on the website too.
[04:31pm] <tvon> ah
[04:31pm] <tvon> oracle has blob...
[04:31pm] <fkr> hold on, I'll check on postgresql.
[04:32pm] <tvon> dong see anything in MS-SQL server about it....
[04:32pm] <fkr> they should have something like that...I'll ask mawi...
[04:32pm] <tvon> dont see it in postgre either...in this book anyways
[04:32pm] <tvon> ok
[04:33pm] <tvon> so, I think the VARCHAR fields should be BLOB....in the _feature tables under "value" I mean
[04:33pm] <tvon> if we can..
[04:33pm] <tvon> so we can store text or if the user wants, binary
[04:33pm] <fkr> ok...mail to mawi is out (cc: to you)
[04:33pm] <tvon> I think
[04:33pm] <tvon> cool
[04:33pm] <fkr> hro, how about informix?
[04:33pm] <fkr> hro, blob-support there?
[04:33pm] <hro> just wanted to look for it
[04:34pm] <hro> but i can't find my script
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, have you ever dealt with this strange 'general unique identifier' mawi talked about?
[04:34pm] <tvon> on a fs level?
[04:35pm] <tvon> well, no...not anywhere
[04:35pm] <tvon> :-)
[04:35pm] <tvon> wasnt entirely sure what he was talking about either
[04:35pm] <tvon> hes talking about identifying individ files with a GUID?
[04:36pm] <fkr> i seriously think, some cksum-stuff (like md5) and TRM_id will suffice
[04:36pm] <tvon> def
[04:36pm] <tvon> md5 alone should do it I think
[04:36pm] <tvon> based on probability
[04:36pm] <tvon> I mean, its used to ensure the security of debian packages....
[04:36pm] <tvon> ...I think...
[04:37pm][1;34m[1;30m[1;34m->fkr[1;30m[1;34m<- what do you mean "--verbose please"?
[04:37pm][1;34m[1;30m[1;31m<-fkr[1;30m-> explain more :)
[04:37pm][1;34m[1;30m[1;31m<-fkr[1;30m-> more info :)
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, well....md5 will work...
[04:38pm][1;34m[1;30m[1;34m->fkr[1;30m[1;34m<- thats what I though...though you might mean a cvs command or something :-) will send the mail
[04:38pm] <fkr> don't find any blob-kinda thingie on postgresql.
[04:39pm] <fkr> just checked website...will cross-check with my book.
[04:39pm] <tvon> nod
[04:39pm] <tvon> we shoudl set the schema release date for a week....and sort thigns out till then
[04:39pm] <tvon> the 19th
[04:40pm] <fkr> sounds good.
[04:40pm] <tvon> mmm...what else is there?
[04:42pm] <fkr> I'll deal with the ms-sql stuff in private with Mawi.
[04:42pm] <tvon> nod
[04:42pm] <fkr> I'll also see to get setup.sh going by next week
[04:42pm] <tvon> cool
[04:42pm] <fkr> will also see to fix up the indexer.
[04:42pm] <tvon> Ill try to get enough documentation to make it clear :-)
[04:42pm] <fkr> that's my todo-list until next week.
[04:42pm] <fkr> ah, jeah the shirts.
[04:42pm] <tvon> heh
[04:43pm] <fkr> hehe
[04:43pm] <hro> ah, i have it now
[04:43pm] <hro> no blob's in informix
[04:43pm] <fkr> hro, tell me once your Sourceforge Account is set up, so I can grant cvs-access.
[04:43pm] <tvon> damn
[04:43pm] <fkr> ok, postgresql and informix then without blob.
[04:43pm] <tvon> will just have to convert text to binary I suppose
[04:44pm] <tvon> you know, a db-transparent API is going to be tough
[04:44pm] <fkr> other way around=?
[04:44pm] <tvon> binary to text?
[04:44pm] <tvon> hmm...
[04:44pm] <hro> stop
[04:44pm] <hro> no blob's in informix/se
[04:44pm] <hro> i think there are blob's in the main version
[04:44pm] <tvon> ah
[04:44pm] <fkr> what's the difference?
[04:44pm] <fkr> (don't tell me the licensing costs...*lol*)
[04:44pm] <tvon> heh
[04:45pm] <tvon> you know, we get a Mac/FileMaker user in here and we have most of the common OS spectrum covered
[04:45pm] <fkr> hehe
[04:45pm] <hro> i think SE is only a smaller version
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, liked your pda-idea :>
[04:46pm] <tvon> oh yeah...I want a iPaq soooooo bad
[04:46pm] <tvon> it rocks
[04:46pm] <tvon> :-)
[04:46pm] <hro> for developers and university's
[04:46pm] <fkr> to bad, /me no code motorola-assembler :)
[04:46pm] <tvon> mmm...would make it more common for our user-group
[04:46pm] <tvon> well, not everything will support BLOB anyways...so some will have to deal with some sort of binary-text conversion
[04:47pm] <tvon> fkr, is a linux version for iPaq handhelds
[04:47pm] <tvon> runs TWM
[1;34m<fkr[1;34m> tvon, i know :)
[04:47pm] <tvon> and mini-mysql
[04:47pm] <tvon> ah, ok
[04:47pm] <tvon> heh
[04:47pm] <fkr> but...hey...I'm a palm-user :>
[04:47pm] <tvon> ah
[04:47pm] <fkr> actually....pilot-user
[04:47pm] <tvon> yeah, I might have a Palm soon
[04:47pm] <fkr> palm-user is to....kinky :)
[04:48pm] <tvon> hehe
[04:48pm] <fkr> coudl be misunderstood.
[04:48pm] <tvon> esp if your shaking hadns with someone at the time
[04:48pm] <fkr> huh....that german pervert.
[04:48pm] <tvon> heh
[04:48pm] <fkr> *yummy*
[04:48pm] <fkr> sic!
[04:48pm]*tvon shakes his head
[04:48pm] <fkr> hehe
[04:51pm] <tvon> aight, Im gonna work on the docs unless anythign else comes to mind to discuss..?
[04:52pm] <fkr> not from me. I got my todo-list to work on :)
[04:52pm] <tvon> aight, cool
[04:52pm] <tvon> Ill stay in here for a bit.....otherwise, talk to you later
[04:52pm] <tvon> :-)
[04:52pm]*tvon bows deeply
[04:53pm] <fkr> :>
[04:54pm] <hro> fkr, what about your job for erwin?
[04:54pm] <hro> done?
[04:54pm] <fkr> mostly. yes.
[04:54pm] <fkr> the nice work is done. now the frustrating part starts.
[04:54pm] <fkr> cvs co dyn-record on thinktank's cvs-rep.
[04:55pm] <fkr> *ARGH*GSOPJILKLajl kljgj
[04:56pm] <fkr> i could fsck'ing kick his slobbing ass.
[04:56pm] <hro> what?
[04:56pm] <fkr> anyone of you guys care to take a look with snmpwalk:
[04:56pm] <fkr> snmpwalk thinktank.mediafarm.ch public
[04:57pm] <fkr> *sigh* giving our traffic-stats to the world.
[04:57pm] <hro> oh
[04:57pm] <hro> something wrong with the administration again?
[04:58pm] <hro> did you not talk with stefan about it?
[04:58pm] <fkr> i might have forgotten too...don't remember
[04:58pm] <hro> ok
[04:59pm] <hro> can we have a little german talk?
[04:59pm] <fkr> guess so....not that I care...either way is fine :>
[04:59pm] <hro> ok, hab grad irgendwie probleme mit englisch
[05:00pm] <hro> wei auch nicht wieso
[05:00pm] <hro> muss dauernd ber alle wrter nachdenken
[05:00pm] <fkr> well...so ost das, wenn man es nicht taeglich benutzt :)
[05:01pm] <hro> scheint so
[05:01pm] <hro> verstehe zwar fast alles was gesagt wird
[05:01pm] <hro> aber naja, kannst du dir denken
[05:02pm] <fkr> und sonst? wie geht es sonst?
[05:02pm] <hro> gut, haette wohl vorhin auch auf deutsch nicht ueber ipaq's mitdiskutieren koenne
[05:02pm] <hro> n
[05:02pm] <hro> keine ahnung von pda's
[05:02pm] <hro> ganz gut
[05:02pm] <hro> hab morgen klausur
[05:03pm] <fkr> welche?
[05:03pm] <hro> bildverarbeitung
[05:03pm] <hro> lokale filter
[05:03pm] <hro> morphologische filter
[05:03pm] <hro> faltungsfilter
[05:04pm] <hro> alles auer kaffee- filtern haben wir besprochen
[05:04pm] <fkr> krass.
[05:04pm] <fkr> viel gleuck
[05:04pm] <hro> ach ja
[05:05pm] <hro> kann jetzt eine bmp-datei mit nem hex-editor editieren
[05:05pm] <hro> ;-)
[05:06pm] <hro> haben dieses datei-format durchgekaut
[05:07pm] <hro> da gaeb's interessantere
[05:07pm] <hro> aber das ist halt relativ einfach
IRC log ended Thu Jul 12 17:09:04 2001