D.1. Setting up the Database

Untill there are packages available, you will have to install the schema from the released tarballs or from a CVS checkout.

D.1.1. Installing a release

Coming very soon

D.1.2. Installing from CVS

 $ cd /path/to/schema/dir/
 $ autoconf
 $ ./configure
 loading cache ./config.cache
 checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... (cached) yes
 checking for perl... (cached) /usr/bin/perl
 checking for mysql... (cached) /usr/bin/mysql
 checking for psql... no
 checking for cat... (cached) /bin/cat
 creating ./config.status
 creating Makefile

 $ make

   make schema          Build sql-scripts for production-systems
   make schema-devel    Build sql-scripts for developement
   make csv             Build csv files
   make db-init         Initialize a database
   make db-init-devel   Initialize a database with devel-mode

 $ make db-init