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NOTE: The SMDP documentation is currently under heavy development. The files available here are nowhere near complete by any definition of the word.

Documentation is available in a number of formats:

  • Read the documentation online [standard multi-page format] [single HTML page]
  • Download HTML [gzip] [bzip2] [zip]
  • ASCII text file [uncompressed] [gzip] [bzip2] [zip]
  • TeX source [gzip] [bzip2] [zip]
  • RTF format [gzip] [bzip2] [zip]
  • PDF format [uncompressed] [gzip] [bzip2] [zip]
  • Download Docbook XML source files[gzip] [bzip2] [zip]

Here you can access the javadoc generated from our java-libs. These are under heavy development.

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