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  :: Welcome to the SMDP

The goal of the SMDP is to standardize the way that mp3 applications store file information in databases. We believe that by providing a standard database schema, along with a strong API, we can greatly reduce the organizationalproblems currently associated with storing a large number of mp3 files. In addition, we believe that by providing API's for various common languages, we will make it easier for developers to include database support in their applications.

Another IRC meeting coming up 2001/10/09 [06:17 pm] UTC
There is another IRC meeting coming up:

Date = Thursday (Oct 11th), 9pm GMT/UTC
Server = irc.openprojects.net
Channel = #smdp
Topics to discuss include the current state of developemtn, the progress and design of the Java and (if I commit it to CVS) the C/C++ libs, as well as the (very) long TODO list for the project.

All are welcome to attend (no, you dont have to be a developer).

schema-0.5 released 2001/09/10 [01:55 am] UTC
es, its true, a mere month after the promised date, the initial schema has been released. Get your files at the usual place.
On a side note, Felix has done alot of work on the Java API as well as a Java DB manager for the SMDP (oddly titled "JSmdpManager"), so if you are feeling a little 'bleeding edge' today, give it a go.

Schema RC's 2001/08/30 [01:47 am] UTC
smdp-schema-0.5-rc3 is available for testing. This would have been announced a few weeks ago (with rc1) if my news script did'nt suck so badly.
You can download current and future RC's here.

dia2sql release 2001/08/30 [01:37 am] UTC
dia2sql is a perl script that parses Dia native XML files into valid SQL scripts. dia2sql was originally authored by Alexander Troppmann, but has been heavliy modified for the SMDP by Felix.
Downloads are available on the Files page and some documentation is available in the Utility Programs section of the SMDP docs.

More on releases 2001/08/03 [11:11 am] UTC

It seems we have underestimated the balance between Open Source Software development and the real world jobs that some of us have. Bills need to be paid, responsabilities need to be attended to, work superiors need to be placated, these are the toils of every day life. But, I'm trailing off topic here.

The Schema will be released in a few days. Felix wants to get some of the setup scripts cleaned up a bit, and I need to get some more of the documentation done before we release anything. Little stuff really, but we want everything to be working when we release it. Once we start on the API, we will make releases more often.


Schema Release Pushed Back 2001/07/18 [05:12 am] UTC

The initial schema release has been nudged back from July 19th to August 1st.

"why" you ask? Because there are some data types to work out and we also want to make sure the schema documentation is as complete as possible before people start looking at the schema. So, thats the news.

Third IRC Meeting Over 2001/07/13 [10:02 am] UTC

The 3rd IRC meeting went well. To be honest, we discussed very few things compared to previous meetings, but regardless, we made a few importatnt decisions.

o The SMDP schema will be released to various app-websites in a week (on the 19th).

o The 'value' fields in the feature tables will be altered (where possible) to BLOB types as opposed to VARCHAR since we need to have the ability to store binary data when necessary

So, there you have it.

More news to follow soon.

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